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Papaya Enzymes - Papaya Leaf Tea

What is Papaya Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are complex proteins that break down foods into nutrients that the body can then readily digest and absorb into the bloodstream, thereby providing essential vitamins and minerals to tissues throughout the body.

Papaya Enzyme Formula is a digestive enzyme formula responsible for breaking foods down into nutrients and encouraging proper absorption. It reduces irritations such as bloating, gas and general indigestion. It supports healthy upper respiratory function and encourages anti-inflammatory response.

Use Papaya Enzymes if you suffer from:

  • Indigestion
  • Poor digestion
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux

Precautions & Possible Side Effects:

  • Possible side effects include: cramping, diarrhea, or digestive upset.
  • Wait at least two hours after taking digestive enzymes before taking antacids, since the acid neutralizers can hinder the effects of certain enzymes. However, various acid-blocking drugs do not interfere with enzyme function.


Papaya tabs

Papaya Enzyme Tablets

Three tablets contain:

  • Alpha-Amylase 5000 FCC units/gm 1.5 mg
  • Papain 2000 USP units/mg (fruit) 30 mg
  • Protease 5000 FCC units/gm 3 mg
  • Papaya Powder (fruit) 15 mg
Available Dosage & Quantity Price Buy
Botanic Choice 90 chewable tablets $3.99
Botanic Choice 180 chewable tablets $5.00
Papaya Leaf Tea

Papaya Leaf Tea

Papaya Leaf contains the digestive enzyme papain, which helps break down proteins and aid digestion.

Available Dosage & Quantity Price Buy
Botanic Choice 36 bags $5.00


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February 28, 2020