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What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is the fundamental building block of the molecules that attract and hold water in cartilage. Glucosamine also is needed to make the proteins that bind water in the cartilage matrix. Amino sugars are the basis of virtually all connective tissues and lubricating fluids in the body.

Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) is a condition of the joints in which the cartilage between bones begins to deteriorate. Glucosamine supplements has been shown to be a successful treatment of osteoarthritis by effectively controlling pain and halting or reversing the progression of the diseas. Glucosamine is a well tolerated and natural treatment for osteoarthritis and its symptoms. Numerous double blind studies have shown that Glucosamine can produce better results in the treatment of osteoarthritis than traditional drug therapy and glucosamine side effects are very rare.

Precautions & Possible Side Effects:

  • Glucosamine is generally well tolerated. The most common side effects are increased intestinal gas and softened stools.
  • Do not take glucosamine supplement without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant or if you are breast-feeding a baby.
Glucosamine / Chondroitin

Glucosamine Chondroitin

Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are components of normal cartilage. In the body, they are the building blocks for cartilage and appear to stimulate the body to make more cartilage. Glucosamine promotes the repair of cartilage. Chondroitin promotes water retention and elasticity in cartilage, and inhibits enzymes that break down cartilage. The combination of glucosamine and chondroitin is the #1 selling joint health and arthritis supplement on the market.

Glucosamine / Chondroitin formula slows the progression of osteoarthritis (the deterioration of cartilage between joint bones), reduces the associated arthritis pain, and helps revitalize the cellular components within the joints.

Allergy Information: Contains Shellfish

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Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine Sulfate can help your body rebuild cartilage. Glucosamine Sulfate is a vital building block of joints, supplying the nutrients that help rebuild cartilage keeping your joints flexible with less stiffness. As you age the synovial fluid that lubricates your joints can begin to diminish. New studies demonstrate that Glucosamine Sulfate can actually feed your joints

Allergy Information: Contains Shellfish

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