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What is Shampoo?
Shampoo is a leansing agent consisting of soaps or detergents used for washing the hair. The word shampoo dates back to 1877, and its origin is believed to come from the Hindi word for massage. During the early stages of shampoo, English hairdressers boiled soap in soda water and added herbs to give the hair health and fragrance. The major types of surfactants are used in shampoos include: Anionic; Cationic; Nonionic; Amphoteric.

Shampoos Products from Botanic Chioce

Brand/Name/Package Price
Avido 4 oz. $9.99
Avido 8 oz. $18.99
Curl Enhancer Shampoo™ 16 oz. $18.99
Curl Enhancer Shampoo™ 8 oz. $9.99
German Hair Tonic 12 oz $24.99
German Hair Tonic 6 oz $12.99
German Hair Tonic Shampoo 16 oz. $13.99
German Hair Tonic Shampoo 8 oz. $7.99
Gray Stop Kit 8 oz. shampoo & 60 tabs $20.98
Soy Plus™ Hydrating Shampoo 16 oz $13.99
Soy Plus™ Hydrating Shampoo 8 oz $7.99
Tea Tree & Jojoba Shampoo 8 oz. $7.99


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May 30, 2020