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Memory & Brain Supplements

What is Brain?

The human brain is an ever-changing, ever-evolving organ that has the capability to acquire and retain new information when it is well into its eighth or ninth decade. It is also the organ of memory, that hard-to-define concept that we depend on every second of every day.

What is Memory?

When an event happens, when you learn something, or when you meet someone, your brain determines whether that information needs to be saved. If your brain judges the information important, it places it in your memory "files." Your brain has different parts. Some of them are important for memory. The hippocampus is one of the more important parts of the brain that processes memories. Old information and new information, or memories, are thought to be processed and stored away in different areas of the cerebral cortex, or the "gray matter" of the brain.

Every moment we live, our memories are working. Memory can be thought of as both a process and a result of a process. It is the act of registering, storing, and recalling information, and it is the thing being stored and recalled. Memory is what allows you to perceive, store, and access information you need to survive and enjoy life. Memory is the cornerstone of the learning process, which is what allows us to gain new knowledge, to grow in awareness, to acquire wisdom. Memory is what allows you to understand this sentence by remembering the words long enough to give the sentence meaning.

Memory is a mental activity for recalling information that has been learned or experienced. It involves receiving, retaining and retrieving data

Types of Memory

There are different types of memories. The two basic types of memory are short-term memory and long-term memory. Memory is part of cognition, a general term that refers to the ability to know, which includes all types of perceiving, recognizing, thinking, learning, reasoning, problem solving, imagining, mental clarity, and the ability to concentrate and focus.

Memory Products from Botanic Chioce

Brand/Name/Package Price
Bacopin® 90 capsules - 100 mg. $14.99
Bacopin® 180 capsules - 100 mg. $28.99
Ginkgo Biloba 30mg 60 Capsules 30mg. - Standardized Extract $3.99
Ginkgo Biloba 30mg 120 Capsules 30mg. - Standardized Extract $6.99
Ginkgo Biloba 30mg 240 Capsules 30mg - Standardized Extract $12.99
Ginkgo Biloba 60mg 60 Capsules 60 mg. - Standardized Extract $4.99
Ginkgo Biloba 60mg 120 Capsules 60mg. - Standardized Extract $8.99
Ginkgo Biloba 60mg 180 Capsules 60mg. - Standardized Extract $12.99
Ginkgo Biloba 60mg 240 Capsules 60mg - Standardized Extract $16.99
Ginkgo Plus 4™ 30 Capsules $18.99
Ginkgo Plus 4™ 60 Capsules $29.99
Ginkgo Plus 4™ 120 Capsules $56.99
Ginkgo Plus 4™ 240 Capsules $104.99
Ginkgo Plus 4™ 480 Capsules $188.99
Remember-X .5 oz. $9.99


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