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TriMedica Products

About TriMedica International, Inc.


TriMedica is a distributor and retailer on-line resource for the most unique, highest quality natural health products in the industry.

TriMedica International was founded in 1989 by Joseph and Martha Christy, a husband and wife team who have been involved in the natural health field since the early 1970ís.


Each product in the TriMedica line represents careful in-depth research and painstaking quality control. TriMedica focuses on bioavailability as a key feature, offering easily assimilable liquid and capsule mediums that provide the highest ratios of maximum assimilation and potency, rather than excipient-filled tables which limit both absorption and effectiveness. You will find TriMedica health products to be innovative and excellent additions to your natural health lines.

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April 10, 2020