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Alpha Lipoic Acids Supplements

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)?

Scientists first discovered the importance of ALA in the 1950s, and recognized it as an antioxidant in 1988.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (also known as lipoic acid or thioctic acid) is a sulfur-containing fatty acid. It is found inside every cell of the body. Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant, and is widely used in prevention of various diseases. This vitaminlike compound has proved to be many times more potent than such antioxidants as vitamins C and E. Because it dissolves in both water and fat, this so-called "universal antioxidant" is able to scavenge more wayward free-radical cells than most antioxidants. This gives alpha lipoic acid an unusually broad spectrum of antioxidant action.

Functions & Health Benefits

The body needs Alpha Lipoic Acid to produce energy. It plays a crucial role in the mitochondria, the energy-producing structures in cells. The body actually makes enough ALA for these basic metabolic functions. This compound acts as an antioxidant, however, only when there is an excess of it and it is in the "free" state in the cells. But there is little free ALA circulating in your body, unless you consume supplements. Foods contain only tiny amounts of it. It helps deactivate an unusually wide array of cell-damaging free radicals in many bodily systems. ALA helps protect the mitochondria and the genetic material, DNA. As we age, mitochondrial function is impaired, and itís theorized that this may be an important contributor to some of the adverse effects of aging. Alpha Lipoic Acid also works closely with vitamin C and E and some other antioxidants, "recycling" them and thus making them much more effective. It can help decrease insulin resistance and thus help control blood sugar.

Health benesits:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Treat symptoms of nerve damage (neuropathy) in people with diabetes
  • Help to reduce the blood sugar levels
  • Preserve brain function in aging adults
  • Lessen numbness and tingling
  • Protect the liver from potentially harmful cell changes and assists it in flushing toxins from the body
  • Helpful for burning mouth syndrome (BMS)
  • Combat chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Reduce the incidence of cataracts
  • Help to balance the level of cholesterol

Possible Side Effects

Studies have shown that daily intake of 50 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid produced no specific side effects. Alpha-lipoic acid appears to have no significant side effects at dosages up to 1,800 mg daily. Occasionally it causes mild stomach upset and in rare cases it can trigger an allergic skin rash. If you experience any of these reactions, reduce the dose or stop taking the supplement.

If you have diabetes, taking alpha-lipoic acid for long periods may require an adjustment in your dosage of insulin or other diabetes medications. Consult your doctor for advice.

Safety for young children, women who are pregnant or nursing, or those with severe liver or kidney disease has not been established.

Therapeutic Dosages
For use as a general antioxidant, a lower dosage of 20 to 50 mg daily is commonly recommended. The typical dosage of oral lipoic acid for treating complications of diabetes is 100 to 200 mg three times daily. In studies that found benefits, several weeks of treatment were often necessary for full effects to develop.


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